Virtual Courses and Workshops

Scaled Solutions virtual courses and workshops for 2021 are now available for booking. We are offering bespoke programs for Corrosion, Organic and Inorganic Scale, Core Analysis, Formation Damage, Production Chemistry, EOR, and Chemical Treatments Testing.

Our industry-recognised experts in these fields will tailor a syllabus to your requirements with presentations and live Q&A sessions. Our courses are aimed at practicing production chemists and production engineers who are involved in control and mitigation of flow assurance challenges.

If you would like to register an interest in an on-line course, or to receive a full list of modules available for presentation, please send your requirements to

Scaled Solutions Ltd is an independent laboratory testing facility, established in 1999 to service the Oil and Gas Production Industry. The company specialises in Flow Assurance and Formation Damage issues with particular emphasis on near wellbore treatments, scale and corrosion control, in addition to reservoir simulation and modelling studies. For more information visit

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