Low Carbon Technologies Team

We boast a multidisciplinary team involving a blend of Chemists, Geologists, Engineers and Project Managers who are excited to have the opportunity to drive change in new emerging areas.

We are combining this expertise in new projects targeting areas including Geological Storage, Geothermal and Environmental Testing. As well as expanding our capabilities in Dynamic CO2/Cement Flow Testing, Ultra Low Temperature Impure CO2 Corrosion Monitoring and Corrosion Inhibitor Testing with the aim to solve real world challenges that may impact delivery of low carbon projects.

We are supporting our clients in developing technologies for the sustained injection of CO2 into depleted oil/gas reservoirs.

During the injection of CO2 into a depleted reservoir, there are several factors which may result in injectivity decline. With our newly developed technologies, we can determine the conditions under which the injectivity of CO2 is impaired due to the formation of unwanted deposits.

We are able to qualify options to prevent and mitigate such unwanted scenarios, ultimately lowering the risk and cost associated with the geological storage of CO2 in the field.

A full laboratory evaluation of a CO2 underground storage prospect cannot be carried out using solely traditional core and fluid analysis methods.

Scaled Solutions are pioneering new technologies in the laboratory appraisal of geological carbon storage; taking many years of experience in dynamic fluid flow, scale, and corrosion and developing a holistic testing program with our new tools.

If you are interested in working with us in these areas, or if you have another area in which we can assist, please contact us.