Scaled Solutions is an innovative company. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of the knowledge and technology that drives the Oil and Gas industry forward. It’s our vision to be the company that transforms the understanding of global oil and gas production. Because innovation and R&D is such an important part of what we do, we are and have been for many years involved in multiple joint industry projects, as well as running our own internal R&D programme with support from Scottish Enterprise.

At the forefront of the Industry.

At Scaled Solutions we’re always looking for ways to make our testing, software and knowledge more relevant and useful to you, our clients. As a community of scientists, we are also passionate about discovering new things that help us to understand oil and gas production better. All of our R&D projects benefit from our in-house consultancy and modelling capabilities, as well as our onsite Engineering and Analysis teams. To find out more, please follow the links below.

In addition to JIPs, we conduct a number of R&D projects directly for individual clients. Recent projects have covered a wide range of topics including Chemical Delivery, High Pressure / High Shear Scale Formation, Naphthenates, Asphaltenes, Wax, HTHP, Fluid Dynamics, Corrosion, Drilling Fluids, Advanced Analytical Techniques, and EOR. A number of these projects have resulted in the development of new and novel routine test methods, which are now available for clients across the oil and gas industry. Many projects require the adaptation of standard methods and or the design and build of new equipment. To find out more about our R&D activities, please get in touch.