Scaled Solutions design and build all of the test rigs that are used in their laboratories, from routine testing rigs such as Dynamic Scale Loops and Core Flood Rigs, to complex highly innovative R&D rigs for individual projects. All of Scaled Solutions’ rigs are custom built and can be tailored to individual client needs.

Cutting-Edge Equipment, Reliable Service, Ongoing Support.

Buy your laboratory equipment from the people who use it, day-in, day out! Our designs have been rigorously tested within our own laboratories, so you can be sure they’ll do the job. All of our rig-building projects include the following additional benefits, to ensure you maximise the full potential of your purchase:

  • Equipment is fully tested and commissioned (up to maximum working pressure and temperature)
  • Onsite setup and installation at your site by trained Scaled Solutions Engineer(s)
  • 1 Year’s warranty

After the first year’s warranty, services contracts are available for ongoing support. Each of our rig builds comes with the option for a 3 day training course with hands-on training on the equipment, to ensure that your staff are up to speed and can hit the ground running once your equipment is delivered.

We can provide onsite training, remote training and full classroom based theoretical courses as well as practical laboratory training to suit client requirements.

To learn more about our Engineering services, please choose from the categories below:

We also offer a number of other products and bespoke rig setups, including Gas Lift Rigs, Product Stability Rigs, High Pressure Cells, Dual Purpose Rigs and Compatibility Test Apparatus. We are able to build Client Customized Designs and Customized Software Controls to suit your needs.

If your company is interested in working with us in these areas, or if you have another area in which we can assist, please contact us.