Maintaining the integrity of oilfield equipment is essential to its safe operation and to maximise the efficiency of production. This typically relies on careful material selection combined with chemical applications that either aim to shield the steel physically from the corrosion environment or to favourably alter that environment. To determine this, it is prudent to carry out a detailed background review, modelling and representative laboratory testing.

At Scaled Solutions we offer a range of services in order to facilitate effective corrosion protection, taking into account the key aspects from the field.  Each project is designed and tailored for your specific requirements, and utilises the knowledge of our in house experience and industry experts.

We provide a full range of electrochemical and coupon weight loss laboratory techniques, both under ambient and elevated pressure conditions.

Reliable Corrosion Testing supported by cutting-edge technology.

Specialised services include jet impingement, under-deposit corrosion, top-of-the-line corrosion, and volatile corrosion inhibitor content. These techniques are accompanied by the ability to conduct optical, 3D profilometry, scanning electron microscopy and pit depth measurements for pitting analysis.

Related testing including foaming and emulsion tendency, production chemical interactions, thermal ageing and materials compatibility are also available.

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