Chemical deployment is crucial in chemical selection. Chemicals may perform well in inhibition performance tests, but should also be screened for their suitability with respect to the method of deployment required in the field or production facilities. At Scaled Solutions we provide laboratory testing services to ensure that your chemical deployment is successful.

Ensure that your Chemical Deployment Runs Smoothly.

There are a number of tests that can help to ensure that your chemical will behave as expected on deployment. With over twenty years’ experience in this area, you can be sure that our production chemistry experts can advise on what tests to perform to make sure that your deployment goes as planned.

There are two key factors to consider when deploying chemicals, 1) the compatibility with other components in the production system and 2) the suitability of the chemical for the planned application method.

Compatibility testing

  • Chemical/ brine compatibility
  • Chemical/ chemical compatibility (e.g. SI/ SI, SI/ CI, SI/ MEG, SI/ MEOH)
  • Chemical/ fluids production compatibility
    • Emulsion/ demulsifier testing (link to emulsion)
    • Anti-foam/ foam collapse testing
  • Materials compatibility (e.g. elastomer, metal compatibility)

Chemical application

  • Chemical stability – Thermal ageing
  • Chemical Stability – Downhole injection
  • Chemical gunking – Downhole injection
  • Chemical gunking – Gas lift
  • When chemicals are applied via downhole batch or squeeze treatments, the risk of formation damage should be considered.

We can also can provide innovative R&D support facilities to investigate field specific chemical delivery systems. To discuss testing options, please get in touch.