An effective chemical treatment programme can only work if the chemical can be applied in the correct location. At Scaled Solutions we have developed a number ways of understanding and examining the effects of chemical placement and direct injection topsides or down hole.

Take the Uncertainty out of Chemical Delivery.

We have designed and built an innovative test rig to assess the tendency for chemicals to form solids or gunk when introduced to the wellbore by co-injection in a gas lift system. The use of the Scaled Solutions Dynamic Gas Rig™ has been reported in the literature and is now routinely used for best in class studies for gas lift applications by a number of operators worldwide. The dynamic gas rig is also used to assess the tendency for chemicals to gunk when injected into partially undersaturated gas streams, and also in halite deposition studies.

Downhole injection introduces new challenges due to the effects of pressure, temperature, hydrostatic head and shear. We have built specific rigs and developed test methodologies to focus on downhole injection. These include product stability test rigs, valve rigs and vacuum test rigs to examine each aspect of the challenge.