The Hitachi S-2600N Environmental SEM has a wide range of applications including formation damage evaluation, compositional analysis and routine scale monitoring in field samples. The Hitachi S-2600N provides high quality imaging and elemental analysis through the energy-dispersive X-ray system. With backscatter and EDX detector upgrades within the last six months, this instrument produces the cutting-edge quality imaging you need to analyse rock, scale samples, paper filters, metal filters, coupon surfaces, screens and more.

A picture speaks a thousand words.

In formation damage, SEM/EDX is a vital tool, allowing examination of changes in the geochemistry and distribution of rock components before and after core flood testing. The technique allows identification of migrating clay species or damaging precipitates, shows evidence of acid dissolution, and even organic contamination. This service is available to external clients, as well as being a vital tool for our own formation damage evaluation as part of core flood projects.

Ongoing support of field scale squeeze operations is offered by monitoring of field inhibitor return through examination of produced water filter samples to identify scale and estimate scale abundance. Our expert analysts can identify and differentiate between active and inactive scales on the basis of morphology and distribution, so you can be confident that your inhibitor is working.

  • Elemental Analysis (Oxford Instruments Aztec EDX System / Interface)
  • Elemental false-colour mapping
  • Variable Pressure – Back Scattered Electron Mode (VP-BSE)
  • High Pressure – Secondary Electron Mode (HP-SE)
  • Deben cool stage for examination of moist samples
  • Sample preparation including conductive gold coating
  • Cryo-SEM