Scaled Solutions has been involved with major operators for many years supporting their efforts to achieve improved oil recovery (IOR) or enhanced oil recovery (EOR) using chemical methods such as Polymer Flooding and Alkali-surfactant and Alkali-surfactant-polymer flooding (ASPF). We provide the necessary evaluation to obtain input parameters for reservoir simulators of the EOR process, in order to understand your EOR project better.

Enhanced Oil Recovery, made better.

Our R&D projects have covered diverse applications through the Middle East, North Sea and South America. Joint Funded projects are being proposed to provide leading technology for the future. Scaled Solutions have invested in cutting-edge technology in our core flood R&D laboratory, in order to make more advanced testing possible.

Scaled Solutions can offer support to clients looking to begin an EOR project or solve a challenge with an existing EOR programme. We cover the following:

  • Chemical/fluids compatibility
  • Rheology (low shear non-Newtonian viscosities)
  • Core resistance factors
  • Chemical adsorption/ desorption
  • Tracer monitoring
  • Oil recovery
  • Dispersion and frontal advancement rates
  • Ion exchange and pH properties of reservoir rocks
  • Injectivity
  • Production issues including scaling tendencies
  • Polymer fluid interaction and degradation
  • Scale inhibitor evaluation in alkaline fluids production

If you’d like to learn more about our EOR work, please get in touch.