Core flood testing for EOR requires specialist equipment and world-class core flooding expertise. Scaled Solutions are delighted to be able to offer EOR core testing services. For advanced tests, our bespoke rig and enclosure is optimised to allow the use of live and re-livened fluids.

Specialist EOR Equipment. Field-Realistic Testing.

Scaled Solutions provide polymer EOR testing to assess polymer formation damage potential and retention, using in-house technologies and methods to allow for high-quality chemical analysis, and reliable differential pressure measurement in high-permeability zones. For bespoke EOR testing, we have a 30cm long Hassler-type core holder equipped with 5 pressure measurement taps (3 central taps).

At Scaled Solutions we design bespoke projects to suit your needs, based on your specific field scenario, and drawing from our extensive experience. Our Senior Technical Advisers have worked for major operators and typically have twenty years’ experience in oilfield chemistry. If you have an EOR challenge, we can help – please get in touch to discuss how.