Our high specification bespoke test rigs allow assessment of the Formation Damage potential of oil- or water-based drilling & completion fluids under full reservoir conditions, for 3-phases (oil / brine / gas) and at HTHP. With our advanced test protocols, we are able to examine complex sequences including breaker tests, gravel pack/screen insertions and full-sequence assessments that examine the whole package as applied in the field.

Specialist Formation Damage and Drilling Fluid Performance Tests.

Our specialised open annulus core holder design allows viscous drilling / completion fluids to be applied to the core plug face semi-dynamically at field overbalance pressures closely replicating well operations. Filtrate loss (leak-off) is accurately measured using a precision Quizix pump. The test rig set-up allows drawdown to be performed either at constant rate / incremental (under-balance) pressure or constant pressure / incremental rate. When paired with advanced visualisations and diagnostic techniques such as high resolution Micro-CT and SEM/EDX, return permeability results can prove invaluable in understanding and mitigating formation damage.

Rig Specification:

Max. Temperature, Pressure: ~225°C, 6000 psi
Core holder: All wetted parts Hastelloy
Accepts sand / gravel screen coupons
Core Size: 1.5” & 1” diameter. 13cm max. length
Flow Lines: All wetted parts are Alloy 600
Filtrate Loss / Production: Quizix Hastelloy QX-6000TM
Logging System: Scaled Solutions bespoke software, continuous logging
Fluid Phases: Brines, Dead Crude Oil, Drilling Fluids, Completion Fluids, Clean Up Fluids

We can design a core flood protocol to simulate your field scenario. Get in touch to find out more.