Scaled Solutions offer a range of well modelling services as part of our complete ‘Scale Prevention Cycle Analysis’. Modelling is used to examine scaling and flow assurance challenges in the oil and gas production industry, including full field reservoir modelling, near-wellbore modelling and flowline modelling.

Reviewing of field information is often the necessary first stage in any major laboratory testing campaign or computer- based study. Design of test programmes and prediction exercises must be based on realistic field conditions. Scaled Solutions therefore work closely with our client to ensure that the right questions are asked and the best data are obtained for input into a test programme or study.

Full field, near wellbore and scaling simulations to support your project.

Full field reservoir modelling includes creating, running and interpreting full field reservoir simulations using commercial modelling suites (e.g. ECLIPSE™) to monitor reservoir fluid movement, and to examine the impact this has on scaling potentials in wells. Full field reservoir fluid movement modelling can be coupled with scale prediction modelling to give a better understanding of current or future scale issues in your wells.

Near-wellbore fluid modelling is often required to assist in creating well-by-well customised squeeze designs. This represents a particularly challenging problem when complex wells (multizones, crossflow, pressure contrast, presence of fractures etc.) are involved. At Scaled Solutions, in-house near-wellbore modelling is used to determine squeeze treatment placement, match field return data and predict scale inhibitor return profiles. Our Place iT™ near wellbore chemical placement simulator was developed in-house through a succession of Joint Industry Projects, and is in widespread use across the industry to simulate and optimise treatment designs.

In conjunction with field review and consultancy services, we routinely carry out scale prediction work using state of the art software. This covers common scales (BaSO4, SrSO4, CaSO4 and CaCO) scale types and exotics (sulphides, silicates) and evaporation-sensitive halite scales, using:

  • SolveiT software suite including FlowiT scale prediction software (developed by Scaled Solutions based on a thermodynamic model established in the industry for over 20 years)
  • ScaleChem™ (OLI Inc.)
  • Other commercial software, subject to licensing

Methodology for reservoir and near production well scaling prediction involves state of the art reservoir saturation procedures in order to obtain live fluid chemistry including dissolved gases and at equilibrium with reservoir minerals.

Predictions aid field development planning and problem solving on existing production systems, and steer the design of laboratory test methods for scale inhibitor chemicals.