As H2S scavengers are widely used within the oil and gas production industry on a continuous or batch basis, their performance and side effects require testing prior to deployment.

Also, compatibility with other chemicals requires laboratory testing prior to field application. Sulphide scavengers, can also cause significant scaling issues depending on the field conditions.

H2S Scavenging Performance Testing

Most commonly used H2S scavengers are triazines. Push in the industry to identify new effective scavenger chemistries that do not have drawbacks of triazines. It is critical to ensure robust test methods are available for evaluating scavenger efficacy in a representative manner.

Key test methodologies available at Scaled Solutions include:

  • Aqueous Performance Tests
  • Oil-Based Scavenger Tests
  • Breakthrough Tests
  • Realtime gas phase logging tests
  • Assessment of By-Product Generation

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