Oil and gas production operations are today encountering ever more extreme downhole conditions, pushing the current generation of flow assurance chemicals to the limits of thermal stability and inhibition performance. At Scaled Solutions, we have collaborated with major operators to develop appropriate methods for testing flow assurance chemicals under the conditions experienced in high temperature and high pressure fields.

Expanding Capabilities

By designing tests and manufacturing test equipment in-house, that can replicate the extremes of pressure and temperature downhole, chemical testing can be performed under more realistic conditions, so you can be confident that the chemicals you select for your HPHT application are up to the task.

Our recent innovations include:

  • Chemical brine compatibility at 200°C
  • Thermal Ageing at 200°C
  • Dynamic Tube blocking tests at 10,000psi and 200°C
  • LPR at 3,000psi and 200°C
  • Scale Dissolver testing at 5,000psi and 200°C
  • Emulsion testing at 1,450psi and 100°C
  • Scale deposition at 5,000psi and 200°C
  • Drilling fluid & routine core flood testing at up to 10000 psi pore pressure
  • Core flood testing at ultra-high temperature (~225°C)