Our comprehensive SolveiT suite provides software solutions to your company’s fluid challenges.

FlowiT Scale is our advanced scale prediction software based on an established industry proven thermodynamic model.

FlowiT Scale can calculate the mineral scaling potential throughout the production system from reservoir to topsides.
It can be used to model conventional oil or gas systems or more complex ones involving EOR or corrosion control.


  • Modern, user-friendly, and adjustable graphical user interface
  • Live mode allowing for real-time modelling
  • Up to 6 water, 6 oil and 6 gas compositions can be included in a simulation
  • Process modelling by generating streams, using up to 6 of them simultaneously in a calculation
  • Large range of temperature and pressure including HP/HT with a temperature range of 0 – 300°C and pressure range of 1 – 1000 bar
  • Mineral scaling calculated for common carbonate and sulphate scales, halite and sulfides (iron, zinc and lead), as well as some less common scales
  • Single or multiple temperature or pressure point calculations with up to 32 datapoints
  • Accurate PVT, phase equilibria and chemical equilibria calculations
  • Instant results visualisation and plotting incorporated in the interface

Complex Systems

  • More complex systems can be modelled that include the effect on scaling of up to 90% MEG in the system
  • H₂S Scavengers, with the ability to alter scavenger performance
  • pH Stabilisation

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PlaceiT is Scaled Solutions’ own created near wellbore simulation package. PlaceiT TM allows chemical placements to be simulated either in the near wellbore area or in a single/dual linear core flood.

PlaceiT™ can be used for :

  • Scale Inhibitor Squeeze Treatments
  • Corrosion Inhibitor Squeeze Treatments
  • Core Flood Return Modelling
  • Fractured Well Squeeze Treatments
  • Stage Division Treatments
  • Acid Stimulation Treatments
  • Skin Factor Modelling
  • Wellbore Temperature Modelling

Understanding how fluid flow regimes affect corrosion and scaling processes is of critical importance to ensure that the appropriate laboratory test methods are used to achieve field representative results.