Scaled Solutions are currently engaged in a number of exciting activities as part of a large self-funded R&D project supported by a Scottish Enterprise award. We are proud to be viewed as one of Scotland’s most innovative companies, and have invested in cutting edge equipment and high calibre personnel to help us to reach our R&D goals. Our current R&D activities are aimed at pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in laboratory testing, going to higher pressures, temperatures and shear, and exploring new analytical methods and procedures to make our testing more field-representative.

Cutting Edge Equipment, High Calibre Personnel.

Our R&D programme is headed by Dr Paul Hammonds, who has over thirty years of relevant industry experience, and has worked with a range of chemical vendors and operators throughout his career, specialising in production chemistry and EOR. Paul is now proud to be leading Scaled Solutions’ R&D initiatives, in order to develop better, smarter and more field-realistic testing techniques that will benefit the whole Oil & Gas industry.

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