Whatever your core flooding needs, geological analyses are often vital in choosing the correct core material for testing. When it comes to formation damage assessment, analyses are vital tools for interpreting core flood test results. Scaled Solutions offer a wide range of analyses to assist with core selection and formation damage diagnosis.

A geological toolkit to diagnose formation damage.

Scaled Solutions can offer high resolution Micro-CT scanning, XRD, SEM/EDX, MICP, Thin Section and gas permeametry/porosimetry alongside your core flood testing programme. These techniques can all be used to help with core selection and formation damage interpretation. In addition to geological analyses, Scaled Solutions offer a full core preparation service, including coring site selection by a geologist, core plugging, trimming and cleaning and drying protocols optimised to protect sensitive clay minerals.

Scaled Solutions are happy to recommend a suite of services to compliment your core flood testing programme.

For assistance with any of our geological services, please contact us.