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Jun 26, 2019


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October 2018 - Scaled Solution's Production Chemistry Training Course and Technical Exchange Meeting have been a great success.

Monday 8th – Wednesday 10th October 2018
The Production Chemistry Training Course was held over three days. The training course was led by recognised in-house industry experts and served as an overview of flow assurance issues and the use of production chemicals and technology to maintain and enhance oil and gas production.

Some of the feedback that we received from attendees of the course:

“Great team of presenters who managed to clearly explain such complex topics in production chemistry in 3 days…this course is ideal to give the basic fundamentals on production chemistry.”

“Lots of useful information with associated field examples. Very relatable.”

“Very good coverage on all topics; an enjoyable training course.”

Friday 12th October
At the Technical Exchange Meeting, we showcased our most recent innovations and allowed access to our Senior Technical Advisors. We received excellent feedback following the day:

"Great opportunity to hear about the on going activities at SSL and SSL's willingness to share the results of the internal R&D with the industry. Opportunity for face to face discussion with SSL staff"

"The staff were very welcoming. SSL capabilities were well presented and understood. Lab tour- was good to observe employee's passion about their work."

Posted on 23 September, 2016