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Jun 26, 2019

Core Flooding Rig

Dual Core Flood Rig  

  • Rigs rated up to 6000psi and 220°C
  • All wetted parts manufactured from corrosion resistant alloys
  • Core holders fully adjustable for cores between 1" and 6" in length
  • Dual rig allows two core floods to be conducted simultaneously under identical conditions
  • Rigs plumbed to allow easy changes to flow direction and pressure monitoring
  • Full core flood to the customer's specification conducted at Scaled Solutions prior to dispatch
  • Rig Design has been tested and is compliant to EMC, LVD and FCC regulations

Other possible modification include:

  • Set up for 3-phase core flood investigation
  • Additional customer specific requirements can be included in design
  • Hassler type core holder with ability to monitor pressure at various tapping points across the length of the core
  • Rig can be designed for Exotic Scale and Asphaltene Scale depending on clients wants and needs
  • Tailor made