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Jun 26, 2019

Mission Statement

Scaled Solutions Ltd will meet or surpass our customers’ expectations and improve our service to our customers on a continuous basis. “The Way We Work”, our overall documented quality system, supports this mission statement and is based on the principles of ISO 9001: 2008.
Our Key Values:

 Quality - Integrity - Excellence
Scaled Solutions Ltd's vision is to be a truly International, world class company with a footprint in several countries.


 Working Together to Succeed

     Highest Quality of Servi
We value our customers. Relationships that last are built by understanding and anticipating our customer needs which allows us to improve our service to them. Scaled Solutions Ltd’s customers can rely on us to deliver to a consistently high standard. This in turn helps them to achieve their business goals.
We will recruit the best staff available and train them to achieve these goals.

Safe Operation

We operate safely and do not take unacceptable risks. Risk management is key to our success

     Teamwork and Involvemen
We work as one team towards clear goals. We believe staff participation in the business growth and their contribution to the decision-making process are important to the company’s success.

Our business is in a constant state of change and our future success relies on the innovation of our staff. Our culture embraces creativity. Staff feedback and contribution of different perspectives is strongly encouraged to improve systems and to drive the business forward.

To ensure our future, safeguard jobs and to invest in expanding the business, we must maintain a good profit margin. This will be achieved through a high level of energy and commitment, increased efficiency and the elimination of wasteful business processes. We operate safely and do not take unacceptable risks. 
Risk management is key to our success